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crumpled pieces of paper and lightbulb

Suffering from a setback? How to take advantage of failure

Rate this article and enter to winFailure and setbacks are painful, whether you flunked a paper or course, didn’t exactly excel at an internship, or missed some other goal. You’ve probably been there. In...
7 minute workout challenge

7 minute workout challenge By Fitness Guide inc.

Why we love it:Struggling to make time for exercise? Can’t afford to invest in equipment? The intensity of physical activity (how hard you work out) is more important than the duration (how long you...
Tree trunk laying across road / two photos of people in distress

Life’s obstacle course: Strategies to keep your studies on track

Rate this article and enter to winThere will be many challenges during your college career. Most can be anticipated, such as tough exams and lengthy papers. But other issues—like personal illness, financial hardship, or...